God’s Thumb | Oregon Coast Elopement

Oregon is one of the most beautiful places with such diverse landscapes which is no wonder why so many couples choose Oregon to elope. God’s Thumb is not short of being one of those amazing locations. Located in Lincoln City, God’s Thumb consists of lush green forests, costal views that open up to the most amazing grassy field that sits right on the coast. God’s Thumb is located only 2 hours from Portland but the drive is 100% worth it!

Hiking + Weather

This hike is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s a little over four miles long consisting of several steep parts of the trail. Be sure to wear proper hiking shoes especially during Oregon’s rainy season as the trail can become very muddy. 

While this hike is open year-round the fall/ winter time in Oregon is known for being quite cold and rainy. Please be aware that when muddy this hike can be dangerous as there is many steep and slippery spots after rainfall. Summertime is a beautiful time to elope on the Oregon Coast as the average temperature is in the low 70’s.